Is AI Your Friend?


AI is rapidly changing the landscape of programmers. Many are worried about the future of jobs as new models are released each week. It has been the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. In this revolution, all signs point to commodity labor being replaced with AI-powered automation.

No commodity-based job has ever been immune to displacement and replacement. Commodity labor is a job that produces X amount of work in an X amount of time. It generates work when the laborer is working. Programming is a high-leverage form of this labor, but at its core is commodity-based. AI is the first major player in the programming space to shift the way programmers work.

The only safe bet is on yourself as an entrepreneur. It is selling a service or product that brings value to people’s lives. Becoming an entrepreneur removes the programmer from a commodity into an asset that is greater than a commodity. It allows the laborer to shift their focus and product value for customers even while they are off the clock.

AI, the Industrial Revolution, and other technological revolutions all benefit the entrepreneur. They make it easier to validate and ship new products. Becoming an entrepreneur changes the revolution from a threat to a powerful asset.

The side effect of faster creation is it results in more noise. The faster you can output products the faster competition can do the same. It is crucial then that we cut through the noise with a compelling voice that resonates with customers. Therefore, storytelling is the most important part of being able to sell as an entrepreneur.

Another important factor is the vehicle we choose to use. We need to ensure we choose a market segment that has plenty of money to spend on solving its problems. The product doesn’t matter if the market can’t afford or justify the cost of the solution.

With AI and the right market selected, how do we beat the competition? Thankfully the bar is low when it comes to many of the younger generations. People can’t focus for long stints or avoid cheap dopamine. I’m no stranger to its deceptive nature. It feels good. It numbs us to the pains of our daily life. It keeps us in the ditch of despair. We avoid these pitfalls and learn to keep working when things are the hardest.

Having a positive relationship with something bigger than ourselves can help us avoid the pitfalls of cheap dopamine. Combining this God with physical and mental health allows us to build a strong foundation to push through the lows and avoid falling back into a consumption mindset looking for the next quick hit.

This is the foundation that we must build everything from. Afterwards, we build a system around our lives that enables consistent deep work to accomplish our larger goals. A system that is designed to support our visions for the world.

What are you going to create for the world?